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Modded slingfire by Marcellocameo Modded slingfire :iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 6 0
Chpt. 1(To live or not to li
Chpt. 1
(To live or not to live)
It was the same, always the same. The door slowly opened on silent hinges revealing the same stone stairway, spiraling down into the nothingness. The stairs spiraled downward with stonewalls that had other ponies carved into it under a well-polished mirror like quality.
“Do you see that?”
“What’s wrong with him?”
The stallion cringed as his hoofs echoed off the cold stone as the ponies behind the polished surface began to whisper and snicker at him. Spell Squire hung his head down low, the navy blue and grey of his main obscured his vision as he continued down the stairs trying to shut out the voices of the stone ponies only make them talk louder. Soon the ponies started to jeer and yell at him about his… accident.
“Is that an earth pony?”
“Mommy, why does that pony have a broken horn?”
Mothers would push along their young whispering not to stare as he passed them by, ushering the child away a
:iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 0 0
Quietly the man sat in a tattered grey tunic and trousers, his legs crossed under him as he leaned against the dark stone wall of the room; it was dark and musty this far into the cave where he had taken residence and made a small home. Under him was a straw mat that he used for his bed. A few yards ahead of him was a low built wooden table; a small lantern on the table cast everything in an orange light. Further in the house, on the opposite wall, was a long box sealed with many chains and locks. It leaned against the side of his wooden pantry. Standing slowly his limbs stiff and gnarled after all these years, he made his way to the wooden door. It opened with a loud squeal of protest that caused him to shudder and grind his teeth. As the protest was made louder by the echoes from the cave, he stepped out and looked over at what was left of his family. Walking over he touched each before kneeling in front of their graves, marked by three wooden crosses and piles of stone.
The first gr
:iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 2 2
Haunted Hospital
In a world filled with false hope and dark shadows, the hospitals' corridors are always filled, its rooms filled with the suicides the emergency rooms filled with shot down angels. At the end of every bed is a dark angel, tightening a patient's tourniquet, slowly draining their life. So the patients cry for their salvation only to receive damnation. Their falling cries making a melody like none before, befitting the darkness of the hospital's halls. So as they flat-line, the shrill tenor notes sound, rising in pitch to crack the windows while the doctors race the corridors yelling instructions, calling "clear!" just to find themselves calling a time of death. Their job now done the dark angels fly over the gates into the unending fields of graves, over diggers, digging new graves, over the preacher praying over the coffins below him, and over the dark, shifting mass of mourners, lifting up a dark and haunting song to fit their black parade. As angels' tears fall, making the rain, all t
:iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 1 0
moutain tree by Marcellocameo moutain tree :iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 2 2
Unsure and untrusting,
I stay awake for hours,
My nights now sleepless,
As chaos becomes my lullaby.
Straight thinking is no longer an option,
My simplicity now perverse,
Discord now the chorus of my song,
And I've forgot the words.
Peace is now my fantasy, of which I long,
Quite is all I ask,
Hearts I once soothed,
Now strike back with venom.
My own heart now confused,
As now I've been lead astray,
To a path I question,
As I sleep my dreams be dark.
Void beyond voids,
I lay confused at night,
Awake for hours,
With not but discord to sooth me.
When injustice passes,
My simplicity returns,
And once more sweet music to sooth becomes my lullaby,
Only then may sleep be hoped for,
Then may my dreams be sound and sweet.
:iconmarcellocameo:Marcellocameo 1 0


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United States
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Why hello there! Yes I am alive, no I didn't get eaten by the hell hounds chasing me or that noose I've made myself procrastinating homework for my classes with finals next week.

Anyways, this lovely person has put on a raffle and I have every intention of participating and to do my share here's the entry!!!

check out her page and her amazing little fluffs, seriously so adorable, and thanks for paying attention, cause if you do there might be a little surprise for you.
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